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'Me driver!' Preserving the word dimension for things like farms, we see that the rule of three shows us on which side our bread is buttered. A seed is indivisible, except that it may be dissected. After dissection--unless you happened to pick up the seed that evolved with the specific intention of contraverting my published thoughts--division having happened externally, the seed will look at us and say, 'why should I go on with that tedious business?'

Being stopped by biology at three makes it awkward when we learn facts that come to us by the study of Higher Dimensions. The obtaining of these facts must bring us to look at nasty business, because they cannot have been obtained immediately, and nasty business must go on the while. Meditating Gurus are also supposed to be on a Higher Plane. Not showing any sign of response to the words, 'dinner's ready!' it's possible that they believed they had explained the protocol clearly. There are things I'd rather not think about, but subjective facts may nonetheless require us to apply our reason. Isolating our relatives is harder than one might think: for instance, consider separating mothers and daughters against their will?

The answer to the driver problem is quite simple: who is thinking about efficiency but those playing with simulation tools which, in spite of what the kids of yesterday (and the day before) keep telling us, fall squarely within any reasonable definition of the word, game?

The use of state-of-the-art simulation tools might give some the edge: these machines certainly do untap the utilization of unconscious powers at least as effectively as a pencil. And they're much more effective as a head-rest.