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Sitting on fences, my dears, is not wise: unless you think you can shut us up forever. After you've managed to quell your urge to show us a pointed finger, for that we have a duty to straddle, for the sake of anything True, perhaps you might ask us, 'what now?'

For now, you may, at your leisure, but with a guarantee that you will not charge me for it, help me think.

Varieties of keyboards leads us into something that just about everyone wants to make obsolete. The fact is, to start with, we need to state what your infant boys and girls will state to us: the buttons have labels.

The labels of the buttons, as well as their arrangement, are simply an example of the meaning of 'defacto.'

The arrangement, in particular, brings us into blueprints. Assuming we could have a comprehensive set of them, we will find that what are common are not in all, but only for some meanings of the word, common. In other words, our round table must be on two sides of a fence, with a statistician in every other seat. And then we'll need to add an extra person for the chair.

You might call these idle thoughts: it's a little bit of a problem when we find that these idle thoughts haven't brought us to a solution, and we're now wanting to 'get on' without worrying our pretty little heads about people with other tongues.

And so we find foreign support which fence-sitters will simply have to behold.

Computer that worked 'magic' were mostly comedic devices: this left banks in a world of their own, and now they're saving money hand over fist by restricting their personnel to those who verify identity, and those who continue to make it easier (for them) to do so.

Banks don't want Theory: there must always be a reason for one person to doubt another.

Does anyone think that 'combinations' are worthy to be approached systematically?

But you're going to cry about your clipboard, and this time round if I don't do a better fucking job, I'll have to join the back of the queue of special people.

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