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I've got bad news for you, sunshine: confidence doesn't have a double-meaning to a man. As a result we put off the ways in which we might impress others. I have heard tell that there are those impressed by a programmer who can deal with multithreading, but the only evidence was subjective. As much as it might seem that I'm flogging a dead horse, mothers don't like it when you refer to their children that way. Goal-posts moved or game-plan changed, what's the fucking difference, right?

"We only know our heart had no King." It was sweet of my imagination to try to make amends for my actual status in the world and the actual possibilities that must remain with me as I try to approach an actual challenge, out of which the only thing that has come so far is the use of yes and no.

I have a tendency to tar myself with the same brush. The alternative is to contract to fix everything in exchange for a piece of Heaven. Looking at work that's not getting done, for the mutual exclusiveness of looking at work and doing it, I do find myself resonating with the phrase, 'put out to pasture.' As has been the case since dry-running met reality, something as simple as a drive-way can get me talking like a cynical old man, and worrying about the dear roses.

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Before reality is surreality. On the other side of it is a choice. Not letting the grass grow under your feet is something you'll receive applause about from all who love you. Replacing it with something concrete other than grass might be better than getting a goat. But let me put on my gardening uniform before I start flogging a mistake.

If I manage not to, that'll be a miracle, won't it?