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The Ultimate Fairytale : A short history of Greece, Rome, Israel, England, France, and Germany.

What is a mirror? We will look at the things that one does.

A mirror shows our imperfections: "Oh dear, my eyes don't quite line up!

"My nose is definitely not perfectly straight.

"Who drew this picture?"

It is interesting that we, or the manufacturers on us, are experimenting with reflective and non-reflective screens.

Some of us, with skew eyes and bent noses, don't really like reflective ones.

What we would really like, though, is for the manufacturers to come together, and stop making changes to layout simply for the sake of making them.

Introduce a screen standard, for instance: "Here, you're eyes seem to be perfect. Can I swap my screen with yours?"

The added benefit should then be obvious to those who recognize that pickup lines almost always involve error.

Those who might make use of such a pickup line can be perfectly content staring at a non-reflective screen all day.

We cannot be perfectly content that these mirrors, if the metaphor will submit, are broken into pieces, when only one part fails.

Now, where do we file mirrors? Are they technology: of human ingenuity? Somehow that seems inappropriate to I.

Like fire, we cannot get ourselves through the center. They always have been.

How frustratingly ineffable!

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