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I try not to brood; but it can be full-time job keeping our minds from scenes that recall themselves to us in which we can't be sure if we were simply too weak to respond properly or if we were being victimized by an intellectual mastermind.

Either way I've been mistaken.

I can hardly tell myself I was mistaken to get a full time job. I know when I qualified it was being touted that we aught to be developing apps for poor African children. 'The effect of culture on user interface design' was a thesis mentioned within the ceremony of graduation I was part of. The effect of gender on user interface design was, somehow, a forbidden topic (I must therefore mention that the thesis referred to was compiled by a woman).

In some circumstances I only look at the effect something has on me. This selfish interpretation is generally only suitable when strangers are involved. Then I can indulge in thinking a full doctorate was prepared simply to make me get a job in reaction.

It doesn't do for anyone to talk about bullies; for such a talker is nothing other than self-righteous. I have found that women and girls prefer to consider the effect they have on men and boys as influence. In my experience, only a mother's influence can be devoid of that which is referred to as bullying.

A sad tale.

On the one hand, a woman might expose her husband's infidelity, and then not feel she has a right to divorce him; on the other, we may hear of a divorce and are left to think whatever we like.

The bullying comes in when the person we must side with for the sake of our mothers, feeds us with details of her son's marriage, for example, for contemplation; a marriage we weren't invited to.

People who broach the topic of bullies at times seem a little confused about how someone may show their toughness without showing someone up as being less than tough. At times, though it may surprise the average reader, a man only cares what exactly one woman thinks of him. In a sedentary job we have to be prepared to meet bullies on a regular basis. Avoiding all risk we must assume that only dare-devils take any.

They don't make men like they used to.

Someone who is not a dare-devil needs time to decide the risk is necessary.

Amongst laymen, for a good long while, the mention of operating system research was sure to bring the topic to viruses. The simple response is that GNU-Linux doesn't have viruses because it is not popular enough. If we are not merely talking to laymen, we must first note that computer viruses are an industry. To detail the origins of this we need to clear the ground about permissions. Microcomputers were machines for hobbyists. Those of us who started with these machines struggled considerably with the idea of having to create a user account for our own machine that stays at home.

To give context to the general security of houses when our game computer was on the diningroom table, I was asked on one occasion to climb through a neighbour's burglar-guarded window because they had locked their keys inside.

But the word virus is pretty strong for an app that saves us from making a decision before it installs itself.

The fact that viruses survived the introduction of permissions is obvious to those who noted the word research next to the term operating system.

Don't look at me: I got emasculated from the top down. The only piece of knowledge that is left me is that the clothing of an app is the most important thing.

Some bullies we meet change our ideas permanently. Having outdone myself in a game of forgetting, I now find my memories are sprouting like weeds. I was mistaken to think that marijuana played any more significant part in my life than beer, wine, and spirits.

Except that plants which require little to no cultivation, and little preparation, are the favourite of anarchists.