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Before I refer to an incident in which a person exclaimed to another, 'that's just far too much butter,' which was about a month or two before everyone started talking about aeroplanes and buildings all the time, and before you start talking about rabbits, and the breeds thereof, let me open up a little.

Just so that the neighbours know I'm here.

I might try to get this published as a signal to them, but that will get me saying to myself, 'harry' - and I prefer to say to myself, 'come on!'

Does that make me a come-onner, or a commoner?

It's a deal of effort to recall myself to the time referred to. If you're finding this difficult to follow, I suggest you 'try it sideways,' but now you may 'unlock.'

The Prelude had much to do with education, and very little to do with people who had been condemned by a 'whatever.'

But everything to do with the nation around.

What follows a Prelude, I ask you, before you ask me what one is. The children being allowed to disturb the class gets us to make two thumbs, point them towards our tits, and say 'not us!'

Only, it was the 'engaging' teachers who 'caught our attention' with wild claims and claims of wilder behaviour.

Wasn't it?

My high-school created itself an illusion that it had been a model one. The illusion was coincidental with my receiving my qualification of no matter.

Thanks for listening. I thought I was going to have to say a girl's name. But all of my school peers know just what I would've been trying to prove had I said that while an employee.

Or while self-employed? I'll leave that one up in the air while the obvious conclusions are being drawn.

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