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I understand that people like to employ artistic licence in prose, but this results with everyone owning a time machine, and it makes our lives a work of modern art (what we knew of modern art twenty-five years ago was things like piles of sweets in the corner of a room (from which you could eat so long as you replaced them (in other words, a clever concept, but that which requires no effort in its execution (for instance, if I didn't bother to count the brackets I'm opening (which is impossible for a programmer (but if he doesn't give it a break he might have to write a script) because he's used to double checking and triple checking these things)) as opposed to a pencil drawing that takes a mathematician fifteen years to adequately describe) with one from your pocket (being reasonable (which we're trying to do ourselves (but this is more fun than any coding challenge that has been offered to us (in the last fifteen years (or thereabouts (you can say that again (what? (thereabouts (why?))))) or thereabouts))))) and toffees are neither tasty nor good for you (because they contain far too much butter (but butter is good for you (because it doesn't)))).