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'Well, can we stop saying well?'

'You shouldn't of written it in the first place.'

Besides seeing if someone 'accidentally' delivers food to the wrong address, if I ask for it now, I need to say the word, 'accountancy,' which I enquote because if you strip you will see a bunch of rapists, and then we're going to lose the meaning of Delta.

If you feel like you're on the ocean, I can only remind you of my Knopfflerian roots.

Data itself has been substituted. That this happened in a twinkling seems to be undoubtable. That we grew up in a country that had fenced itself in gets us looking for causes and effects, as if we're sitting on a Space Shuttle that took off secretly and got out of the gravitational pull of whatever it is that interferes with night.

So we'll bounce a coin labelled 'antarctic explorer,' and say, well, that's sort of like extortion, now, isn't it?

'You said, well, again.'

'But it should be pretty clear to them, now, what do you think?'

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