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I'll have to hover around the term, living in sin. If you prefer to call it a phrase, or insist that it is one and not a term, please send my sincere regrets to God because I don't want his forgiveness.

Or yours.

The matter is the kinds of things people are prepared to do in 'just a job.'

But we find a way of adapting our mill. From 'sin' we retract a step and find a belief that has no exception. Decency flies out the door. You follow: find yourself at war.

Watch waterfalls of pity roar.

And this is the explanation for unreliable hardware.

And that was an interim phase. But that has to do with something just as fucked up, in terms of the progress of electronics that transcends the computer.

So let me resume my quaint non-exemplary work that I like to call theory: or I'm just using this like a fucking piece of paper, writing letters I never mean to send.

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