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Lawmakers have to contemplate suicide if the intelligent people are always killing themselves. And then they might find something as simple as a boy doing the right thing, but the old fashioned way.

Walking a girl to motherhood is seen, by some boys, as proving their worth. If--and I don't want to be seen as attempting to take an alternative route to being a creature of worth--he's unsure of the future, and gives thought to it at the wrong moment, he might find himself in a certain one with the only option of trying to forget when his own thoughts of the future had gotten themselves wrapped up in open-mindedness.

The kinds of ideas of the future that were being punted, when I was of the age that if the future belongs to anyone it was me, were things that would allow a man to know how it feels to have a woman's stomach, for example. I was that off the rails that I was ready to believe postboxes represented an efficient government.

Now that we see that postboxes were a curse by an alien race, it's understandable why the voting minority is so angry that the government took so long to get rid of them. Buffoons! But that doesn't apply to the party of bumbling fools.

Making oneself contented with the way things are carries great risk if one had left a girl to find someone else to walk her to motherhood. But I was content to be a misfit, so I could only blame someone for being buffoon enough to have given me a map, or believing that this bumbling fool would hold it the right way round.

Let me go and say some Hail Marys for the mistakes I've been making: while evidence suggests I can't quite let the future take care of itself, a mother full of grace obeys the ancient principle that she aught to treat all children as her own.

I don't think it's bloody fair. But no amount of gender equality is going to make me gracious.