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Reaching for a goal is somewhat less sensible than taking stock. But now I must be just like everyone else.

The 'hardware' takes the 'smooth.'

The motes and the styes are mine; the tail is yours. That is, if I'm not catching it and leading you on, I'm doing no job at all. But what age am I?

If we're open-minded we'll find ourselves looking at a sphere that must be older than us. I add the condition, because this is one good reason to be closed minded: which is as simple as 'putting quotes' around the term or phrase closed minded, after deciding if phrase or term is more appropriate.

Or 'putting quotes' around the term, open minded?

But now we have what is supposed to be a plane, to go along with the sphere. There's only one sensible place for that, though that's an anachronism. Maybe there is a reason these things make us forget about our age.

'Can we just leave it at that?'

Well, I need to 'find a thing' to 'do on you.'

Sketch Five is the Beast that makes me feel time if not my age, and it gives me the right to use 'sketch' like this. Lack of interest in what we're doing we impute to be a matter of everyone else being no different from us.

'I'm just going to stand here balancing something on my head.'

The 'finite' is bandied about as if it's child's play. And then if we find ourselves feeling 'half out' this might make us shy away from terms like 'go on forever.'

Thinking positively is a matter of not thinking negatively: it's really that simple. I have some annoyances to tackle: firstly, combination keys are treated like we're still 'kicking' and 'punching' our friends, in a multiplayer game we play while sitting side by side, using only one win-key complement.

How's that for 'obsolescence'? Did I forget to talk about the 'shooting'?

Before I bring 'positive' to just what it may mean, I note that we were positively inserted into a box called user. To climb out we can think of 'making the box,' but unless we find a test user, in which case we're now a user-maker, we're only doing this to ourselves.

'Shit! And I've still got to pay the bills!'

The 'try not to act' calls itself forth, but we do ask it with respect--but pointedly--if it thinks it has a better education than the 'kids' of today.

So, finding that this might just be rough enough for the 'new smooth,' I'll call it the first job. I'm not one with exemplary limbs.

'Muscle-bound' is only to be dispensed with if we chuck things away with all the might we don't have.

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