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I don't want to do this, but I must. Ensconced in my thoughts like I haven't been for a long while, I yet have to get up. The thought of future generations who think that technology works like magic is inseparable from one who thought himself in a generation apart from mine. He was of much the same age as my youngest cousins, but I have little doubt that they have thought the same thing. My cousins I might be able to correct with a dictionary, but I know they're equally liable to detail to me an internet search engine.

Keeping the shiny side up is important if we are to be sociable creatures.

I haven't been able to explain theory, that to a significant degree makes up who I am, to my own mother. I know she did well at school, so I conclude that as a mother what she hears me say isn't what I intend to be conveyed. I don't need her to follow me, but it would be nice to think a few girls are trying to grasp the theory that some say is being kept from them. Verbally the only response I've had is to be told about a son who the mother says will be sure to be interested.

Wouldn't it be nice if there was no such thing as sex?

If I told you I know what it is like to be treated as a husband, I would be compelled to point out one who decided to make her life another instance of the sequence, MD, and have to concede she outmanouevred me, and left me as a person whose boyhood was out of reach. If I described the motions, I will be told that I am no man. But I do have insight into the difference between a marriage and a compromise, as a consequence.

Finding that this webdoc has at least done what it was started for, the matter of getting another cup of coffee is bringing various wills to compete, so the obvious solution is to finish this here, do the editing over a second cup of coffee, and then think about cogitating or something like that.