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'Right, Brian! You have shins and shims here and it's just fucking ridiculous.'

I'm not sure if I need to clean up, first, or 'complete.'

Hearing 'eat' I 'go and get some.'

This seems to encourage the thoughts to 'take a break,' which is rather a matter of giving me 'far too much' than otherwise. I think I'm going to make a resolution of letting everything drop until I feel myself again. The obvious question is 'how would I know.' Now, I've told myself to make an optional goal; and that is an optional goal: 'getting to the end' is what they teach you at 'special school' to consider of utmost importance.

That's a 'small matter' of config identifiers.

The problem with making a config tool is the tendency to make new identifiers instead of sticking with the old ones. But what if I feel like it?

The matter of 'nought' and 'not nought' descends (or ascends) as we recall a proof that's not picture perfect. Maybe 'weight of the world' doesn't just have one meaning?

It's easy for 'us' to provide ourselves with bare sustenance: but when it comes to the matter of 'just the thing,' it's rather better to face the headache that comes from what we're missing than to expend energy without fore-knowledge. I don't like to think about proof that's incompatible with microprocessors. Who's to say it is?

Thinking we're going to debug, we can find animals with different ideas.

I'm not sure if I should be overjoyed by what we can get free just by asking, or if I should rather be overjoyed by what can be sold at any price on the willing seller, willing buyer principle. The idea of changing the status quo is a parental one. Now, I'm still not quite sure if I qualify as a parent.

One shim I had to do without was for a motorbike that I rode as if this is South Africa and I'm as significant as any of my fellow citizens. Some say that's no way to treat a bike.

In fact, lots of people say that, don't they?

We know just why we hear motors revving in the neighbourhoods. You may kid yourself on the matter of why you encourage such behaviour.

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