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If we get one thing done nicely perhaps that'll attract more: but looking at what every housekeeper must do from time to time, even if they have servants, I have to ask myself if this is 'it.'

There are other things to work on, in between the housekeeping, but those lead me back to the 'working girl' - and the film of that title opened with the pop-rock sock 'the new Jerusalem.'

The double talk about this is something we might now reflect upon.

Firstly I need to note that I've got a history of dealing with double-talkers: 'each doing as they see may be called appropriate behaviour' includes allowances made for authority that has nothing to do when everyone is well-behaved. I'm not going to get away from those who continue to look deeper: and so I come again to a ticking clock.

The 'digital rollout' brings us to the folly of starting good businesses to replace bad businesses: not to mention the farce of building factories to put components into a box according to an instruction sheet. The government doesn't want to admit defeat on this country's 'electronics industry,' but I know of only one person in the whole fucking country who is capable of fixing electronics circuits without an instruction sheet.

If you don't bother to try to fix something, that engineer badge is as good as a certification to run a business.

I might say 'brace yourself, Sheila,' but a slow collision is something like the old bamboo torture.

Living in a time and place that feelings are our own fault, let me return myself to neighbourly consideration on the matter of what's unsightly and permanent, so as to not lose sight of what time and place we most fucking definitely are not living in.

Nice enough?

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