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I'm not going to blame the government for taking away my passion for routing. And, as mentioned, the passion was but doused.

Before I get wound up on what is yet the only firewall-gateway familiar to me, I need to put the word, overdone, on the side. This is my stick.

Getting things arranged nicely is done in the dark. Scoping for the tools that will be needed for any but those who can form pictures of networks on the spot, without aids, is possibly put to the side by a person who says, 'no one has yet asked me to make a front end.'

And then they might say they're no good at it.

And now I pick up the stick. Because fleeting imaginings pass through the mind that lead us on to overdo things. But now you must understand that you're looking at what either is in everything you own, or connects you to the internet, or is part of what has been stolen by companies that are too heavily invested in the future to realise the destruction they cause every time they say, 'let's do something good for others.'

One person making a fuss about a module stolen is one person not aware of forms of communication that preceded the internet, or telegrams. And so we don't question the nationality--or the religion--when we see something that has become widely used, that carries the GPL flavour of the various open source licences available.

'I am not a lawyer' is what those say who know they have entered a non-disclosure agreement, who get taken from their tinkering at the sound of a dinner bell. I would've gladly have been you, but for an uncanny ability I have of knowing what kind of relationship will not last.

Setting the sights lower is quite what I did: then the inner fears suggested to me that I would find myself on the bottom rung, feeling like a baby in a 'jungle gym.'

Three short years later, that seemed like something in a dream.

But so was the city.

Have you counted my hops? Or did you get a TTL?

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