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I haven't yet defined the difference between a restriction and a limitation.

Restrictive is suggestive of constriction: it isn't a good idea to take this too far.

If someone says, 'don't take that too far,' it may be that they're warning you of a technical limitation.

What is the place beyond hope?

I might've quoted that, but it's a case of only having one other to give credit to, while talking to myself: that's a feature that's imposed to give this form.

So we might say, as a possible answer to the question, 'a place without form.'

That, to some, might be the best place from which to start looking at a 'network,' but can we describe ownership to what has no form?

If it's a case of humming, we know that there's form that won't want to be looked at. Putting out what is perfectly self-satisfied, we try not to follow along.

The public spaces pen up what gets pent up: this is just a circumstance of where we are.

'Taking stock' has fallen into disuse (for me). Let me follow up my description after turning away from 'new new,' sleeping or not.

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