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Q: Why am I issuing warnings to ghosts?
A: It's better than issuing warnings to cats.

The problem with doing without a project that I had worked on for more time than I care to find a unit for, is that it helped me to direct my thoughts.

Assuming we already have a tool a coder's friend can use to make the lot appointments, we need to recall the trousers app, which performed the runtime dimensioning in a number of steps, and depended on a lot tree. The step we couldn't get around to solving accurately was that of rationing.

Rationing reminds me that I've now publically applauded the man who led God's Sacrifice to be God's Sacrifice yet again. I think it's fair to say that the extended family look at the words sacrifice and scape-goat and either run themselves a hot bath or take a cold shower with nothing in between. We do know the extermination camps included a significant number of people who the English author who wrote about all didn't get around to finishing his murder mystery about. He certainly made it clear what he thought about how Jews have guided England through the last millenium.

And then he underlined it. And didn't stop doing so.

But we're living in the twenty-first century which is most like the sixteenth century, so we really don't know what God is up to. That minor detail of the slippage of five centuries undermines what I consider to belong to me. But we know that working accurately is like the fan-fare we get if we miss something out.

Which is much like the annoying character which is character seven of the Archaic Ascii set, and which, by pressing CTRL+G, gets the attention of the whole office for the Archaic BEL. This noise, it seems, is supposed to tell the office that we made a mistake. Naturally it was removed in the gui with no feet.

I really do ramble.

But when we've been waiting for a project to come to fruition year after year it becomes a sign of respect when a colleague yawns at our explanations. Other people's dreams were that whatever perfecting the operating system means, it only precedes the condition of a perfect world in which there is no need for computers. Who knows? Maybe they're right? But not in my lifetime. And so we're more than happy to sit and explain how a scratch operating system works to our colleagues. I'm not about to put energy into something after which I'll be in the lotus position amongst those who took the easier route.

But in truth the ones looking at Next don't know anything about Previous. Which is strange, because I was ever ready to tell them all about it.

Did you know a relational database that has the option for replication can give the results for the same query in a different order each time you run it? That's an improvement made to take advantage of multiprocessor environments.

Is that your business or none of it?