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I was looking for a nice example of an adjective to be applied to a noun, which is to say, a nice adjective to be applied to the only kind of word adjectives may be applied to, as far as I know, but then I came across this attributive noun. I know of adjectival nouns, and am left to guess that these are the same.

Thus I'm now looking for a nice example of an adjectival noun. Things, we know, can be used as actions, when this is unambiguous. We might say that we banana a banana, but then would anyone talk of bananaing skin-tight jeans off a lady?

To be nice, let me rather say, figure-hugging, with the suggestion to ladies that what makes a nice figure is most often something boys enjoy disagreeing about.

No, we would not: we would ask a lady why she calls herself that while wearing men's trousers.

Well, this is nice: a house no self-respecting woman would set foot in in a million years, and I haven't looked at a dating app for a month, which after I realized was a rigged game just used it to punt this website, and I suspect that if I drove a thousand miles I would not find a place wherein I might say I hope to meet a lady without getting a grin from all the patrons except the ones on the floor, yet I'm neither bothered to make my house neat, nor my own person, and I start telling people I've never met that they mayn't call themselves ladies if they wear jeans, no matter the cut.

But I am still thinking about an example. Perhaps I might say a nice lady would only hesitate to wear jeans; for instance, they might be the most appropriate for a job that necessity brings them to accepting. But before we consider whether there is a difference between a nice lady and a lady, which doesn't seem right, we still don't know what to call the word nice.

Nice is a word of quality: this suggests it is an adjective. But I have just said, 'this is nice' which, if I think of what else I might have said in its place, 'this is pleasant' comes to mind; which means we're talking about descriptions of feelings.

Talking about describing feelings is talking about talking about feelings, or describing the description of them, which is what one might do when one is thoroughly bored, with the only interesting tasks left being ones that are particularly unpleasant.

In other words, one to help the procrastination go down.

Before I start decorating my procrastinative work of art let me play some music I consider nice, which others might, if they're generous, play in the background; placing the volume at nought if, like me, they can't stand background music.

This gives me lots more to write about before thinking about tidying the house: the plain fact is that a tidy house doesn't give me a good feeling.

Saying that, I can pat myself on the back because I've discovered, in the negative sense, that feelings can be a gift.

Here: have my nice.

I don't want to talk about what other things can happen to our feelings proper, for that will take me zigzagging from one moment to the next looking for a corner to be dropped off at, so I'll get out right here.