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If something is 'not well-formed,' then what is it? Misconfiguration needs to be looked at in context of what is fully configurable: as we are looking at just that while trying to determine our own foibles--which term a workman must use when talking about the use of his tools--we find we are looking for an alternative to 'config' that won't attract the word, fully.

In truth this is a matter of making something 'shippable' - the boxing is 'not interesting.'

Standing on 'a verge,' and thinking that I'm about to run out of 'pegs,' I try to imagine something actual, but nothing seems to be analogous. And so we return to the call for an installer-maker: pressure needs to be put on both sides.

The demands made by this intermediate aught only to be matters of defaults. That's a 'new day,' thought.

Let me leave it there before I start thinking about what stands in the Sun and gets fluttered by the wind.

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