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I'm struggling to finish: it may be my Nordic blood.

The truth is, I had a lot to talk about and some unresolved feelings.

For instance, in any gui, the platform may at any time request an app to draw a rectangular area of one of its gui-windows. I have unresolved feelings about the use of the word draw for this (the various words in use today are expose, invalidate, update, and paint).

In the same way I thought the C language left much to be desired, and spent many years having to avoid chasing my tail, by avoiding overloaded operators.

At some time I was desiring much that didn't have anything to do with programming or computers, but beginning to get the impression that unless I broke the law I would only get to see it as it was drawn by an app.

At another time I was so thick that I actually thought that any unmarried mathematician ever made a useful contribution (if anyone thinks that understanding complex numbers is a way to win a woman's heart I do ask them to come and have a chat with me).

There were those who told me that Beethoven dabbled in the occult: to think that he was anything but a happily married mathematician is now as ridiculous a thought as to think that we've made any technological progress in the last half century, worth talking about in a company mixed of laymen and technical people.

Except that, some forty years ago, housewives looked at a computer screen which had just been unpacked, placed on the dining-room table, plugged in and switched on.

And said, 'my turn!'

It's best to assume that husbands and wives are happily married unless there's clear evidence that the husband was a philandering politician to start with, for instance.

I'm in two minds today. I don't know if there's anything I can possibly say that anyone else will understand.

But I've broached the topic of the origin of the Mc-Pill, and I need to make a statement about my about face on the matter of English quality.

Popping the second off the stack, the greater family has talked around the coincidence of the invention of the miniskirt and the disappearance of English quality, until they started to tell us what words we may not say about them. Scientific men, we are to understand, do not look at coincidences in history.

This fact, coincidental with the having to choose a career from off a shelf that is arranged by a girl in a miniskirt, gave a number of us good reason to batten down the hatches and see if we could live out our lives without multiplying the problem of a culture run by the stupidest.

I've seen it as my duty to hold a candle for the nation that made the best candle holders. But British quality went away before my dad got his first motorbike.

People who do not go for the packaged life get out a ladder when something needs attention, and then calls on friends with the knowledge. These people don't talk of lost arts, except that of making fire, for they know that were they to have to teach themselves how to make silver goods, for instance, it would simply be a matter of persistence.

But who is to benefit from what they have to teach?

As for the Mc-Pill, it was clearly not there to attract hobbyists. S_Windows therefore had to please users at the same time as begrudgingly feeding the programmers who had no other option.

There was another OS that was talked about, that seemed to indicate, with the number two, that we would be seeing perfection at last.

But to mention this is to risk getting caught in a trap for grey men.

I like grey men. Except for the ones I don't.