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I got nudged back on this: we can't talk about the Swallower of All without giving a sketch. And then we find something new while thinking about that. The something new provides ways to make up things. But to get there we really aught to look at the Determinant.

At that I fold my arms, lean my back against the wall, and wait for someone else to make a move. The what has been trying to invoke itself, which we've attempted to sketch our way around, because of it invoking what gets us to attempt to do a cover-up operation, to keep things pretty, meets us with more than hope; but we need to do some begging.

I ain't broke yet, but the noise gets me to say 'whatever,' to my finances. And that gets me to say, 'why didn't you say this before?'

Well, if I looked 'a person' in the eye I'd say, 'fuck!'

'My bad.'

And the conversations that go, 'what's that thing when you,' etc, are not commensurate with the what I've been referring to.

'Let's call that thing God.'

'I'm still waiting for Him to get back to me.'

'Join the queue.'

So, you see, the Phlegm, which kicks out a 'shin' (careful, it's like an automatic when you strip), is not easily dispensed with by saying, 'look! plane!'

I'll take the hint about Queue, but now I'm going to be thinking about 'what happened.'

And there are those who look at this, but then become obsessed. And that's why we don't try to Eat our Phobias.

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