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A constitutional depression was the result of my attachment to someone. I could never figure out whether to focus on the task of undepressing myself or if, by good behaviour and meditation, I could unattach myself.

I was only depressing myself more by wasting breath trying to explain to people that progress is not being made if programmers are not reaching the skill level such that they know what they're writing will work. Algorithm proof comes after this.

Instead people were using things with known problems, and ignoring the problems, and telling us that a computer simulation is as good as proof.

And while some people told us we'd make good parents--those of us who woke up each morning to these facts--we were supposedly expected to magic our concerns with technology away, while other children got taught that coding is like making a building.

Some people joined us in our depression; but we don't know what to do with people who are too good to get a qualification: when I was qualified to be depressed, it calmed me to do something sensible with sensible technology, although I could never forget about a man who talked about getting his girlfriend on the back.

Perhaps having a pillion is as good as any marriage: it didn't seem a sensible goal to me. Girls can learn to ride just as well as boys.

I've heard it said that girls can learn to code just as well as boys, but I haven't heard any discussion about dry-running.

Which precedes proof.