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Getting something out a second time that hardly seems to remotely recall how we first 'done it,' can leave us wondering if we shouldn't take up a hobby to help 'stick the two things together,' like they now tell us to do with parameters. Little steps, without forgetting what's at no extra cost, nor what we've certainly trained, whether it's a natural phenomenon or not, bring us to look at a tail that doesn't have a head.

As much as they annoy the piss out of me, the motes do complement the tail, which then gives us something more natural than anything else.

A moat, then, with the tail of an alligator showing, every now and then, will have to be described; which it turns out we've already done. I would like to compliment my readers who've noticed that I am the complement to them.

An unhappy shortcut shows itself, which I must overlook. None aught to complain. Four names don't seem to be any better than four numbers; do we start looking at pairs?

What makes pictures and insists that it has the ownership of the absence of light?

Getting a break I find I must make a guess, and call it an estimate, which pertains to 'a codec,' and the third outcome.

Along with the maths tools, of course, we had special symbols to use. But I'm not going to make a fuss about that, now, or we're going to look at cults, and Religious Toleration starts at home.

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