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I don't expect people to gainsay things they've said which they've come to realize were said in ignorance; particularly when those things relate to knowledge that I consider aught to be kept from children.

But when I'm told that every single man in the world believes that a rocket capable of sending men to the moon was inspired by nature, that it was built by boys ignorant of double meanings, and that the money is better spent elsewhere, such as on exploring the ocean, I find myself contrasting such expenditure with the invitation we must come across, to shoot the moon for spare change.

These are two examples of the expenditure of government money, for which parents claim a greater right to direct than those for whom the future of the world is no matter beyond their lifetime.

Some people told me assumption is the mother of fuckups. For someone who knows enough not to get tested for a virus after they've had a virus injected into them, unless they believe there's a fuckup in the training or a fuckup with the test kits, they'll know that assumption is a necessary part of hypothetical thinking; they'll know that hypothetical thinking is that which gives us the foresight to prevent fuckups.

I'm not sure where they got the inspiration for the gem of wisdom they shared with me, but it does remind me that for the sake of getting their money's worth, people will insist that after they've watched a film that they received something which they cannot describe in words.

There are few things I'd suggest people do for the experience of it. If I recall correctly, thus far on this website I've only dropped a hint to a boy who's spending all his time looking at a gui and spending all his money on clothing.

I am naturally inspired by programming languages, and I cannot sufficiently express my disgust at the term woman logic. In my opinion the use of that term is a hypothetical way of burning one's bibles.

But the term, business logic, is no better.

A business which makes webpages would need to set down a clear policy on the matter of the revision of them. No-one needs to be told that the value of a url is in being able to share it. Thus such a business needs to make a decision as to how long they want their urls to last. If they decide that all pages mast remain indefinitely, the next question is what the ordinary process of amendment permits. But this is all obvious to someone who actually takes webpages seriously, so a business might just hire such a person and let him make the call for everything.

Naturally it would be a breach of contract if they override his decision.

Business logic really does come down to the type of business that is certainly hospitable, if not strictly within the hospitality industry. And I'm willing to bet more than a handful that, in terms of adjectives being applied to reason, one ousted the other.

As a consequence, until I hear such nonsense has been circumscribed, it would be suicide to look for another job as a programmer.

Suicide reminds me of one who was not pleased when he found out that a girl he had met that night, and had been kissing, was pregnant. I never interrogated him--I didn't have time to. It may so be that he had accidentally allowed himself to see the girl as more than something to share spit with on an evening. Boys who are innocent get pissy when they get told they must overlook the fact that a girl isn't. Especially when they had had it in the neck from all and sundry--experienced girls and women--that it's a tragedy that men are allowed to get experience and women aren't.

I can't quite put my finger on why these facts didn't trouble me. The fact was, that same night, at that second class night club, I had done nothing but chat to my friends. And that was what I had been about since I started going to nightclubs. Or waiting until the dance floor was empty and getting into music mixed by a tripping dj. One friend was very similar to me in this, but he danced funny.

I'm not one to take turns in doing a jig.

Men are equal to women, we are told, except that a man can satisfy his own needs more easily. This is, of course, excluding all the messy business about intellectual achievements. Thus a man who is suicidal is not equal to a woman who is suicidal, for intellectual goals that are unmet simply means we must try harder.

Is it obvious, yet?

There were some phrases that had become common, while I was in highschool, such as that of committing sewerage pipe. Or people who contradicted the saying of waste not, want not, by saying that it's wasted either way. Such people were not generally particularly keen on the idea of having children. Even if it meant their needs were not to be satisfied.

Thus it may be true that a man more easily satisfies himself, for on a motorbike all else is forgotten. Few men take to writing about it, unless they're trying to attract spiders and things with no heart at all; whereas a girl on a bike is fussed about, whether she likes it or not (and I can't help saying that I think she does).

Legend has it that certain tribal people, were investigated by scientific men who were not anthropologists. In other words, they learned to speak the languages, and did not fear contamination either way, in terms of influence. The result of this investigation was that the tribal women and girls were tasked with giving new names to things. To be more specific we would have to refer to work done by people who believed that education includes the bible, and yet believed in being open minded and scientific; which work is now classified under the broad terms of colonialization and empire-building.

Now, it is a fact that where I live, people make do without the use of special tools: and the use of a special tool called a short skirt, which gives the user a means of getting a leg up (or over) the competition, was eradicated by the influence of one principal almost a decade ago.

Misanthropes in castles generally look for a tool lying about, rather than going to shops which are supposed to get boys excited.

Sons with mothers such as mine who live in castles such as mine, look at the mess about and wish for a magical whats-his-name to clear it.

Businesses, such as mine, which are all executive and no regular, do all they can to ensure their revision process is consistent; though they don't mind constructive criticism at all.