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OK! I'll do it!

I don't quite know what I'm committing myself to with that. I'm still feeling a little rough: generally speaking I can work all hours of the day and night, but I need to then have a designated drinking hour. If we're sitting all day half expecting to receive an instruction to do something not particularly nice, few have the diligence to do so without thinking of knock-off time.

For old times sake I want a taste of whiskey; the old times have something to do with the history of the mis-attribution of violence. The last time I was given a bottle of whiskey I ended up with broken windows. But I had also broken windows while perfectly sober.

Some people go to astrologers to help them with their marital problems. This, one would think, would put them at odds with medical men who only see the skies as big numbers. It takes a sense of humour: not only comedians get paid for having one. But then I saw a priest watching me with eyes as cold as stars.

The priest, as one in the fifteenth century, took notes of everything he heard of my behaviour that would have required me to go into a booth of my own volition or into a gaol by his order. The window I broke while sober was with the certain knowledge that I had balanced the scales. But the priest, supposedly, was drinking whiskey.

What priest wouldn't get himself totally fucking drunk every night, with all he must hear in a booth in Joe-bloggs-burg?

While a priest may absolve himself of his own behaviour, he nonetheless needs to be discrete on the matter of any medical attention he may require.

Which is supposed to be irrelevant information to a gui programmer.

Whiskey is only going to remind me that I'll be incapable of listening to someone through a gui I haven't designed without becoming desperate.

While I might be able to make one, in time, I couldn't without making use of floats.

Which reminds me of a gui I wrote in order to pull up a pair of trousers which had mathematician written on the one leg, and programmer on the other.

Whiskey reminds me of a gift I received which certainly demonstrated that rules were being made to be broken.

But it seems I'm closing up on the documentation of all the anonymous structs I needed to make use of.

OK is a word we have to make use of which some people try to pretend we don't because they wish we wouldn't. Just like an Englishman who practices in front of a mirror to make his tongue do what foreigners do with their tongues.

Weet jy wat ek bedoel?

In South Africa, if we hold to our English roots, we end up talking to ourselves. 'Accept' is a better word to use in the appointment of a gui, but it is a better choice to avoid being different when that will only invite comment.

I invite comment. Before I took to writing in English I spent much of my time working on countless thousands of lines of code looking for a way to reduce them to countable thousands of lines of code.

It's not easy to look into a mirror and imagine an origin. But it's certainly better than thinking about the appointment of a gui.