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There are those who suggest that meditating gurus, who didn't know what soap and toothpaste are, reached as much as seven hundred years old; but we can't be sure that this isn't just another instance of the trickery that people love playing on themselves.

With my eyes that I must call old, I look at a screen that I must call unholy: when you try to get at a screen element, the very intention is that they are invisibly small. So we have to imagine that we're no bigger than a figurine. This figurine can see the color elements, if it tries. But they are simply dimmable lights.

And thus we come to color bit depth.

Pick a number between one and n. Now imagine that each value between one and n, inclusive, represents the brightness of a light (better yet, a lamp). If you decide the same n for red, green, and blue, you will be missing a fact about color intensity. In order to turn a picture into a black-and-white one--which term refers to pictures with a white bit depth--the intensity ratio is calculated empirically.

Empirical applies also to how we must deal with X-Windows Visuals. How to select a visual is a matter of preference, and if we don't have a large array of equipment with which to test, a matter of making assumptions. If someone is unhappy with what they're seeing who doesn't know all, we'll deal with it when someone donates us a shop to which people can bring their equipment, so that we can check and correct our assumptions in a controlled environment. But we'll be ignoring black-and-white, of any number of shades, because we are at present in a semi-desert, and would require a sharp-eyed boy to assist those of us who do at times see mirages.

Not to say that a sharp-eyed girl won't do, but it does seem that girls in particular still like to do things which amount to putting moustaches on faces.

Child labour aside, then, we'll have to perfect everything else and leave X-Visual-Wars for future generations.