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The Ultimate Fairytale : A short history of Greece, Rome, Israel, England, France, and Germany.

Optimism is the idea that we are living in the Kingdom of Heaven.

My experience has been a lesson to expect hurdles for the future: hurdles or obstacles.

I have had lessons in obstacle courses, too. Having ever so carefully removed the barbed wire from one, the contestants didn't know how to feel towards me. Were the prizes to still be handed out? Yes, they were.

It was optimistic of me to think that I could replace a system of workarounds for the sake of efficiency.

The system was an apple cart to some, but an obstacle course to me. Naturally: for the cart was either to be drawn by a donkey, or a monkey on top of an engine. Others involved didn't know what the monkey couldn't do, and made it their job to try its skills.

But if the monkey figured out how to get his machine to lay a track, he would in effect do himself out of a job; and the rail-building machine would belong to another.

And it would be sent back to the zoo, to be fed by the charity of others.

Those, at least, are the thoughts which come from a monkey which believes in the principle of looking after number one, and not living in the hope that all works out in the end.

A monkey which is not optimistic.

I prefer the word sanguine. I am sanguine that I will convince someone, hereby, to give the word the dignity it deserves.

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