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I've thought better about travelling around the world just so as to say I did. First we have the danger game. Though I have Norse blood those who have actually crossed the Pacific on the water will hardly want to hear me relate a story about people not quite related to me who crossed her on a balsa raft.

And then, we can't go over or around Pacific islands without the thought of dark-haired girls who convince us to the rather make our world voyage a half-world voyage. But our most optimistic view yet suggests a half-savage whose attraction to her phone is not to be beaten.

Will a single mother listen to a man telling her to stop panicking about her son (because he doesn't have his phone with him)?

Will she let him go where he will, within certain bounds, when he's independent enough, without insisting he provide regular updates as to his whereabouts?

Isn't the life of a bachelor so easy?

Will you marry me?

I've got to find somewhere to put the question elsewise I live at risk of getting told I'm getting old. I'm thinking about having an occult wedding ceremony--that way we skip the problem about the colour of the dress and that of what to do on the wedding night.

As to her having children, she can just pick a sire, as usual.

Oddly enough I was told I'd make a good father, but then went on to receive lessons on how to make a good husband.

Saying that a girl turned a boy into a man cannot be done without preface, for we live in a scientific age that insists on evidence.

The unquestionable evidence, on revising this, is that I've been rambling to myself again.