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Believing that God's got it in for me would be the result of believing in God. No, my mind's been 'taking walkies' since I started publishing, which firstly had the unfortunate result of my no longer wanting to come into contact with my fellow citizens.

Misanthropy was something that had attacked me, in the distant past, and I liked to see myself as 'over it.'

And I let others remind me of what's humanity, who didn't insist on backforming every fucking word of more than one syllable. Those whose humanity is greater would accomodate themselves to backformers while putting the matter of the correctness of language to the side. If we believe in the correctness of a language, we need to name it.

Do you see, now?

I must either stand here feeling good, or prick myself to get myself going. I'm not quite ready to face the woes of getting what others have written, compiled. I certainly know that I'll be in for 'surprises' when I 'make config' - it would be the biggest surprise if nothing significant has changed in how we need to go about making the selections.

Inevitably, when we must look at what comprises all hardware that anyone anywhere has managed to get communicating, with what we're going to call the GNU kernel, we see where the 'electronics men' have been getting recognition for doing their bit for the future.

But we can put that at the back of the queue: a chroot installation, once workable--and this isn't a cock on a block--would be just about ready to make bootable. So it's in fact all very easy to use.

And it perfectly suits some.

Knowing how everything works is a tall order: are you expecting me to try?

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