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One of the first demonstrations we received of the use of computer graphics was as a canvas. I'm not a member of the professional artists association, so I'm not sure if drawing with the pointer has been registered as an official art form. I lost my patience for working in such raster manipulation app-tools just as the activity became part of university degrees. And then my reason began to stumble while watching something of an imperfect clone making something of imperfect clones, with one app-tool which some call perfect. The last time I had worked with such a modern miracle was at least ten years before then, but the tool itself was first demonstrated in a general knowledge book published ten years earlier yet (which book played fast and loose with the truth).

Modern miracles of photo manipulation were an ecma-script flash in the worLd wIdE wEb pan to some (how you have fun is your business).

A similar time-line applies as to color printing. This takes us back to a time when a computer show was not just an event repeated endlessly with the organizers and attendees pretending to show surprise at a new style of button. Thus the good we saw coming from America.

Around ten years later printing big posters for fun occurred to a person or two who looked for ways of making money by doing fun things.

Ten years after that we were being ground to magenta, cyan, and yellow paste (and don't ever forget the black) with the term, digital printing. An annoying father had seen it all beforehand, and bored us to tears with the phrase, America's national debt. Another spoke of the culture of buying things as toys and throwing them away the moment we feel like adding them to a dump.

Maybe one day we'll be able to talk about how things might have been otherwise. But I reserve some hope that one day I'll be where I can enjoy motorcycling without having to take unnecessary risks, like meeting people who try to fix me up with someone who must compete with the motorcycle or the motorcyclist; so let's wait until sense prevails.