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Now you know what we think of 'permanent,' you might just be getting a clue why 'filesystem' is overlooked.

They do make quality clothing, but it's hit and miss. The shirt I'm wearing says 'paradise,' so maybe its longevity has to do with magical properties of the word?

I should not have gone there? So I should rather have stopped on the side of the road to watch overgrown girls playing in mountain streams?

You hit rock bottom and started digging, is what you did. Don't mind me: I'm just passing through.

O! You had a good look at what was in my mind.

Now we say, 'load and store.'

'Initializing' should be given a special place. Setting up, we're going to say 'freeslike.'

Now, you just hold that thought: I'm not running down a dream. There's still dirt that 'got in' that no tool can remove, and I'm going to go back to thinking about tools, generally.

And this one, which is a file, is going to go into my scatter-brained way of organizing things (which I consider a highly valuable skill, but don't knock my door down just yet).

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