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It seems all I can do is make childish apps and libs, take how they make me feel as my reward, and dump the porridge onto Github where the AI bots can find anything useful I may have stumbled on, by way of conceptual achievements.

Conceptual achievements happen by putting words together. But much of the time it amounts to outright thievery, because the layman cannot tell that recursion and induction are synonymous. The layman cannot tell when a word is used which describes variances of opinion more than anything else.

If we take something useful, such as the PHP language, and consider the execution routine, there are certain obvious subroutines within it. Structure exists in the mind of a programmer. Memory, which holds code and data, is sequential, and is thus comparable to the data one may find in a file. Here we have opportunity number two for outright thievery.

To return to main, PHP will be given a file which has a format called PHP (those who are not aware that sex is supposed to be a noun and a verb, just as hammer is, have the opportunity to claim to have made a discovery about the relationship between code and data). This needs to be turned into a structure.

Turning a file into structure is called parsing.

It's worth noting that the Turing machine cannot be implemented mechanically. Upon this I add a fact which one of the founders of the Microcomputer industry noted shortly before he died, that the Intel microprocessor became independent of stack constraints because of one Japanese engineer that was in their employ.

It's very easy to say parser parser, isn't it?

Perhaps not so easy to know that you just cobbled one together so as to be able to face other parser parser engineers at the dinner table.