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'I was born here, but before then I moved around a lot.'

Between unresolved feelings and just getting over the past, there are things we cannot change, and which our heart is built to rebel against. To separate sea-water into its components, we'd first have to decide what kind of component we're talking about. If a teacher is rattling our cage we might throw away marks to highlight this fact.

Eradication of unwanted elements is unlikely to strike anyone as a sensible goal, and thus we tolerate the chafing. A little particle swallowed by a whale might lead it to beach itself. Using modern technology to put whales back in the ocean is the kind of idea that sold some young minds on the idea of a discontinuity between old technology and new. Technology is something we share with our friends, but friendship takes a back seat when perforce friends must individually look at generations.

Geographic expeditions to give an accurate map of the ocean are endless, for our failure to define, accurate; and as they are an attempt at getting us to a better definition of the ocean, it appears that future generations are being left the pleasant task of discussing amongst themselves exactly what it is they mean when they say, ocean.

A friend of mine, now a father, didn't understand his sister's taste in men--or boys, but I don't know the difference. This was a friend with whom I discussed technology--old and new. And culture--we used to laugh about cultures in which the arranging of marriages is commonplace. The recollection of this puts me on the map, for to remain happily single, I have had to fight everyone, without exception.

In my first discovery that to be without religion is to be alone, I could but recall the interpretation of the Fall--that some were dogmatic about--in terms of who led and who followed. The friend referred to us now an uncle. But I honestly don't know if he decided for the maintaining of versions of the truth. A single man, in my position, cannot be friends with a father unless he's willing to be a passenger through life.