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I really curse myself with my passwords. It would be a sensible feature to allow two passwords to be acceptable, in the case that we're changing it pro-actively or because the thoughts that it invokes are getting tired.

Please would someone come up with this idea before I did?

If you get someone to follow your trend I promise I'll deny I ever suggested it.

Programmers very often suffer from acute memory loss. We sit down with an idea for a project, and a thousand ideas crowd around us, very often leaving us staring at the screen trying to remember our first idea.

"What are you staring at your screen for?"

The workosphere, like anything with a fluid shape, became one in which staring at the screen was the same thing as acting busy. But if we're staring at a login window, there's something wrong.

Thinking of password prompts, from those we used to get GNU to chat to (strictly speaking, GNU chat to chat to) to those I might modify in order to get my name on a GPL project, to those I might modify in order to get my name on a Satanic Open Source project, and of course the ones that are known by people other than programmers--which, in effect, are set in the concrete of the lowest common denominator of non-programmers--I come to the thought of the clueless wife act and the helpless husband act: which were identified by a brother and sister, in the days that people were saying that children of divorcees were born to be broken.

But let's call it viral?

They were, of course, children of divorcees. Division of responsibility doesn't enter my parents' vocabularies.

"You have used your old password. This will cease to work in less time than it takes for you to get irritated with this old one, but hopefully in more time than it takes for you to remember that you've changed it."

But let's rather think about passwords in terms of the lessons they may provide to children of divorcees.