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If we're not feeling a hundred percent we do well to take it easy. If those who run the concern are so inclined, we must get ourselves to work, or go to a doctor so as to get pills and to get told to do nothing.

The trouble with natural remedies is that there are more than natural ways to disturb someone who is trying to recuperate; and so we find ourselves at about ninety percent, thinking that full recovery is being withheld from us by those that are using every little button they can press to express general disdain.

My awakening to a broken culture was in talking to a man who made a fuss about every little thing that might be called manual labour, and what amounted to a scene when I said I'd be quite happy to carry the parcels from the grocery store. This person did indeed seem to have been fed a pack of lies by missionaries. But some missionaries talk about books and teach people to read only the newspaper.

A secular empire finds itself having to run countries containing all the religions of the world. Segregation is an obvious thing to try, but people who only read the newspaper seldom reflect that religions are systems of law, which the law of the land must compromise with. It just requires a little bit of thought.

Now, are we ready to get back to the beginning of the twentieth century, when all it took was a stern word from a friend to stop someone disturbing the peace of the neighbourhood unnecessarily?

I don't think busy people ever feel a hundred percent.

I don't feel a hundred percent happy with the making use of percentages instead of ratios.

I don't deny that my yacht has been flying somewhat less than half mast for a good long time.

But so it shall remain until I know that people with degenerate behaviour are being dealt with in a fashion which doesn't involve me in any degree: I'm trying to think about rectangle regions of the screen, remember?

Transparency, for some of us, applies to the quality of a lie.