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Nobody's perfect. The use of grid-paper was very short-sighted on my part. I can't tell exactly how much trouble this cost me, but I'm as sure as I find myself on the outside of a building that what's inside and what's outside are abstractions not to be confused with what's objective and what's subjective. I warrant the tail of that is a little beyond what I might claim as my own construction, but finding that words fall into place that are as pleasing as they appear to be true, to me, besides that it reminds me of a word which sounds like a machine-gun which apparently has nothing to do with religion, is all the religion I want.

On the inside, then, is the filesystem and the Kernel. Two processes therein once discussed the necessity of copying between memory that is protected, and memory that is not. But the one process found a way out. It seems they both had access to all memory. But let's not get ahead of ourselves: the scratching of what secretes nourishment for the Formicam must continue while we are talking, and will continue after everyone has received Enlightenment.

Some days it's all we can do to keep ourselves preoccupied with nonsense. If you were hoping for a long-winded explanation, I'm still waiting for feedback about my sanity. But all I get are requests to discuss blueprints.

Another sleepless night, then.