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Knowing what word brings me to find myself without any more, let me talk to you about my friend Grant. The name annoys me on the matter of permissions. You either have a sense of mirth about it, or you try to understand. Leading off with humour, you will find yourself weighed down in the same way had you a magic word that left you with nothing more to think.

Permissions are a technical achievement: 'going at it until it's done.'

If you say that they leave something to be desired, I might have to recall a dream born of delusion. And this is 'kind of' where we found a great big stop: because if a team makes something, and we can't help admiring that it is really something new, and thoroughly done, we need them all in one room, with what's sterner than the sternest parliamentary enquiry on record preventing the kind of prevarication that brings about an encampment within doors, in order for a description of how to do it again to be drawn up.

Starting with 'secrets of Nature' we find what thinks it's intelligent bringing the discussion to religion.

Don't mind me: I'm giving instructions to my marbles to bang each other.

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