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Memory loss is to be associated with not knowing who you are. It can be that our enjoyment of the simple things we used to enjoy takes a hit: things like apricots. Of course, there's a man at every street corner handing you a pamphlet as to why this is. But we're suspicious and cynical.

My dad has been as ignorant about I as to who we are: his dad fought in a war which confused the fuck out of just about everyone. Our origins reach into Rome. Racial pride can lead some to the assertion that their ancestors invented everything, including civil society. Others, who don't stop at a pause, begin to wonder if we aren't in truth the philistines.

We then go back to the Iliad and replace the magic with rapine.

Boys get the blame for being rapists, because taking blame is our job. Asking for a virgin, however, demonstrates what girls think their job is.

Looking at a computer screen we may be used as examples by mothers who want to show their children the easiest job in the world: finish school and you get paid to look at a screen.

Now, when is world war three going to start?