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O come on!

The only credit I got for sorting out Configuration once and for all, was a debate about the contraction thereof.

When you have 'more than one' you should make a 'lib' - but that's a 'rule of thumb.'

Building, when you are fucking around with what thinks machine code isn't scripting, gets you trying to compete with Kernel. I know I most certainly don't want to deal with things that are numbers, but effectively random.

'A tech company' makes it its business to criticize what it sits upon. And we do in fact have to ask ourselves, every day, 'have they crossed a boundary?'

I try to get the 'necessaries' done before then; but now I'm just waiting for the right beat, to 'check up' on a 'thing.'

A Romantic Nine Five Six Five.

The electronics engineers we have to give a free pass to, don't we? Don't they make just works of art?

But if we say that, we will be hoping to 'see' like others, and not, you know, like getting back to what's just one.

'What's just one?'

'Have you heard of a unit?'

'Ooh, look, pineapples!'

'Now remove it.'

That's a bit of extortion, for you; but what gets thrust in between 'us' and those who produce works of art, might just be what we're going to be building up another rant about.

So you can take them with our love.

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