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'It's all a pissing contest' - we were encouraged to use sayings which were in fact vectors aimed at our hearts. This gave overgrown boys the option of living alone, or picking a woman who makes all the rules. I unfortunately was premature in choosing the rather to live alone; for the contemplation of certain intellectual matters is nigh impossible in that condition.

Or, shall we say, what Gauss achieved at the age of twenty had something to do with synergy, or something to do with energy.

Saying that they don't make 'em like they used to is a favourite one of those who are still trying to get everyone to sit still and wait for the world to end; people who adopt this way of thinking find they have a free will problem--very often they only adopt it after they've become parents. Of course they don't tell anyone they're hoping for the world to end. Very often they talk of secret societies which seemed to have this aim.

These societies would love it if a boy said he knew he could live forever alone: and here I am.

But I do have conditions; and you can't force people to join in a non-pissing contest. Especially your children.

Some matters of learning are not for general consumption, but nothing is sacred to the education system. The education system encourages pissing contests.

To teach mathematics it's easiest to refer to an infinite vector--the point at infinity. What do we do with boys who are not interested in getting themselves beyond this point?