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If we're playing air-guitar we may have the misguided impression that a plectrum is less important.

Am I zithering? You betcha!

Taking the literal guidance I find 'fiddling' is more my scene. A conductor's wand, which no doubt has a word which is that much better that 'stick' is quite offensive to those who bear such vocabulary at the forefront of their minds, gives us the difference between what can be done by mistake, and what aught to be assumed as merely auxiliary, and therefore corrected as by magic.

This, if you are unable to interpret, will require us to show you a vacuum and a gun.

Loosening the abdomen with the back of a pencil--try to find one that doesn't have those things that leave pink marks on the paper--I'm tempted to see what the front will do.

But it's the same old story: the day's three-quarters done before we find just the thing.

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