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Things weren't going so well, so we joined the queue of cars going up and down.

What did I omit to mention?

Just some 'irrelevant details.'

If I'm wanting to leave something for tomorrow I have a problem, which has much to do with what is in front of you, the use of pencils for other than what brings us--personally--to 'today,' and the rounding off of things that are only superficially perfect.

'Putting quotes' around the term, rounding off.

And the word perfect? I ask you!

The kids of today have lost it, a pair of Wordperfect grandparents said, and left it at that. But, no, the 'kids of today' were then working on 'communicating desktops,' so 'left it that' most certainly left 'lost it' in the dust. Like ignoring 'restrictive' in favour of using what's man-like but unmanly, and unmannerly, which gets us to stick our heads in the sand and call it by what sounds like the opposite of Markup.

Oh! So you want me to show you 'how to' for the 'restrictive'?

As what's necessary for it to happen naturally is in some way connected to my writing 'it's a deal,' this serves to note that it's my website and I'll cry if I want to--and I do--and a rant needs a punctuation mark.

And there's nothing better than pulling the plug, is there?

'Putting quotes' around the phrase, pulling the plug.

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