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'That's just too much butter!'

I feel like I've sunk into an ink-well. To talk of people having children in a fairy-world is a bit of a strong accusation. But, whether myself in la-la land or not, I spoke seriously to the mother and father of a friend of mine, some time before or after the butter incident, about the having of children.

It is to be expected that after making such an assertion of my thoughts at a time many years ago, that I would then explain the chain of events that led to my talking to parents about potential parenthood.

The only way I could start that effort would be to go moment by moment back in time. Which will be very very interesting for you, won't it?

Top down or bottom up?

Going back in time is a matter of looking at personal mistakes; my errors are to be found in the other direction.

This now gives me a good feeling, so I'll leave off before I think about pointing.