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Poland was a feather in Napoleon's cap: the French army had laid waste to it (but the Russian's generally accept their part in the rapine).

The prizes of war, being the territories gained, are parcelled out to those of the officers who make themselves conspicuous, or the relatives of the commander-in-chief, as his wife sees fit. It's pleasant to be able to say that a country belongs to you and then turn the talk to that of the animals that live therein, who live in squalor by choice. It is no less pleasant, for all the company, to then turn the talk to that of how a woman conceives, and how she may choose not to do so in conditions that are not favourable.

The women who conceived who were left in Poland after the man who thought that what Europe needed most was a culture of immorality, had been spared his life so as to live by himself on an island, with few visitors--for such is justice--must all have been rape victims. This was a life-time after a man had written about armies which only served to terrorize the people.

But the problem of those nations with such armies is that sovereignty descends to us through Roman Catholicism. The army would know not to leave the borders. An attack on the Vatican, were this to have been seen as the manner in which to replace power, is merely asking for later retribution: the structure can only be dissolved by the unanimous will of the followers. Since the atrocities for which it has taken blame, the Vatican has ever been setting dates after which it claims that it has not had authority; and therefore is guiltless.

The Polish King, reestablished after whichever French gentleman had last treated it as his home away from home, no doubt also treated it as a home away from home. People like to highlight animals like Mathematicians when they don't have a fucking clue about the history of a country. I don't have any reference books. One of my great grandmothers escaped from something or other that was going on, that provides a plausible excuse to claim refugee status; she was hiding in the safest place for a baby to hide, and her mother did the unpacking of her precious baby within England (which makes England my birth-right). But she, my great great grandmother, couldn't give up her religion; which I do believe has something to do with pictures of Jesus and Mary.

Englishmen do have reasons to think that the looking at of Madonna and Son offensive. Freedom from the Vatican authority took the blood of Englishmen. Though we don't claim that every Protestant Martyr was free of sin and innocent, we can at least claim the law of averages, which is something Jews hadn't resorted to.

I was thinking, in a time in which I thought I might be respected for who and what I am, that the South African leadership aught to declare Zimbabwe as a subject state.

But that would be called an invasion, wouldn't it?