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Polar coordinates give us two values within a range, which range we must consider the closure of. Stating the obvious is what Englishmen are best at. Choosing an order for the coordinates is obvious, as is deciding where the ranges start, but these may not follow defacto standards. Thus we find ourselves looking at a rectangle that is bounded on two sides by an ifremum or supremum.

Testing if we're inside a shape can be made pretty complicated, but we only need to check if a horizontal or a vertical line crosses the boundary in both directions, and that on one side it crosses it an odd number of times.

Naturally we hide what is too obvious. Hiding the fact that some plastic degrades to organic waste after a few years whereas other plastic is more durable than stainless steel is the only way to ensure that animals are not killed in the production of garments.

'Don't talk to me about the ~ Polar bear; don't talk to me about the ozone lay'r. Ain't so much of anything these days: even the air! They're running out of rhinos, what do I care?'