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Looking at a Context stack we might think we're looking at a list of lists. But it's important to remember that any amount of optimization may occur so long as we have clearly defined behaviour. First on the list of priorities is the matter of hiding: a new context may introduce a new identifier with the same name as one that is inherited, thus we prefer contexts to be declarative.

This brings us to the matter of emptiness again; but we might as well adopt the attitude we adopted for the matter of addresses, about not calling something nothing (it's important to remember that defining null as nought is an optimization which some regret). Our Context we have no reason not to treat as a usual object; however doing so introduces the possibility of a reference loop, by associating the context to one of its own identifiers. In practice we're not looking at the arbitrary use of contexts as mappings, so this merely needs to be mentioned for the sake of those who like to find shortcuts.

"Good code comes from our heads, not our hands!"

Assuming a moderate set of identifiers which allow us to poke around with objects of our own devisement, we get down to practicalities. An operator can be seen as an object with an obvious call to make it do whatever it does, but the roots of polish notation suggest the opposite way of thinking: a literal is an operator which, when evaluated, produces its literal value.

Putting aside impersonal identifiers over which programmers get their jollies, I recall the being of an owner animal which means the having of things I can literally call--which incidentally seemed to have the same kind of stomach as me.

Researchers had proven that the keeping of pets is good for our well-being. But doctors tell us that animals are carriers of disease. It goes without saying that a cat can't really help us if we're not feeling ourselves. It also seems to be generally accepted that ration biscuits are not suitable for peace time: which is to say, there is a tendency to animal idolatry.

And those insisting on exemplary behaviour seem to be the worst of them.

I will miss not having an animal to play with; it takes a lot of work to make the house a level playing field.

The name of such of what one owns can be written, spoken, or said to oneself. Most owners of pets are likely to know that the last is a matter of suppression.

But it's time a put a stop to this nonsense. Highlighting mathematicians as Polish is clearly a matter of politics.

Thanks to all readers: it's taken me months of delirium preceded by years of comfortable numbness to cut this onion.