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Goodbye, dumb lyricists. Goodbye, mumblers.

Some people got pushed through school, and then complained about people being pushed through school. Matriculation is why people are pushed through school: the main thing, if not the only thing, is about getting children to think about pushing a child through school, before having one.

Poetry in motion.

Some people, as many years down the line as it takes to get through such a system, if not twice as many, insist that they were emotionally abused by their teachers. Did they think about that before they had children?

This is not a conspiracy website: conspiracies are good things: marriages cannot be happy without them.

Unmarried people, however, are often told that happily unmarried, and ignorant, is better.

But what do we do with people who know too much?

Surely if such a person exists there would be no crashing computers?

We don't want to hear them say that a crash is a legitimate outcome for a machine which must work on what might be called input.

We don't want to hear them explain that input must be considered as raw material.

Isn't it the job of those who know too much to make machines which turn raw material into modern conveniences?

We certainly don't want to hear boys call the womb a machine. But it is, isn't it?