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I'd gladly give you (usage) tips, but they'll all start with what goes along with the win-key.

'Combinations' seemed like a good idea at the time, but then when the 'kids' became parents and they saw the great fuckup they were making, that's when they called it all off. This gave us something to think about, because we were just about ready to start teaching people about the joys of being proficient with 'making combinations.'

And that what's 'usage' that can snuggle next to 'defacto.'

But we shook our heads, and then we walked around and around and around and around.

What is the posterior?

The 'can't not see it' yet struggles with knowing what fact is. So now we do some subconscious stock-taking, think of what amounts to nought, though we wish it didn't, and then look for justification to just look at things.

I am looking at what I'm typing.

Is that something different?

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