Obligatory "ignore this space" : https://sacoronavirus.co.za

Fitting that to my situation, what I'm keen to get to has me wandering about, in forgetfulness of ghosts, until the space around a box or a word gets me to stare while I look for sufficient cause to move elsewhere in the hopes that I can shake what brings me to a stand-still.

Conquering or surmounting some things can lead us straight into an obsession.

The dominant player had 'just about nailed it,' but it had quite forgotten just how much trouble it is when we look at a sketch until we've quite 'got it,' and then look at what that progresses to. And so the meaning of the word perfection is sitting at the bottom of a dump. I don't want to take away from you what you think is quality, but your idea of what's 'just a small thing to fix' puts you at the top of a hierarchy of abusers.

A remote call that may be answered at leisure, and at the discretion of the called, is a big fucking joke. Unless it's 'lunch!'

Chuffy ignores the criminals around him. In fact, he knows when it's better to just look at what others have made.

But then we see the mess that belongs to us, and how can we be gay about that?

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