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I'll have to call an exclusion on the matter of what they say about vanity. If you would like to doubt my gender thereby, please do note the insult that you will be creating to which I am impervious. Evidence of contentment would be a matter of keeping things well tended while holding down a job: my vanity, then, became impervious to the reward that some say we should seek with a gun (that's got a wide enough hole).

That would save us the trouble of having to deal with failures that gets what thinks it carries a reward to say 'wouldn't it be nice if that didn't happen?'

Don't even think it. The requirements of security mean that deliberate failures must go on so long as one single person is not aware that criminality is not selective.

Wouldn't it be nice if everyone sat up straight?

But I'm the world's biggest slouch. The matter of what's bad posture we leave to those who actually design and manufacture things that are actually fun.

I must put aside a fresh start: what we can look at in the mean-time are Index-nodes which require high and low values, which some refer to the level of water to describe while others refer to hysteresis. The important thing to note is that here we have initial values which we know are best to leave as a matter of fine tuning, per index: this gives us a very different idea of what's 'efficient.'

The splitting that's required when the high value is reached means the general case requires as many preallocated nodes as what may be created in one step (by general case we include what's suitable for the indexing of free space).

This begs many questions: the matter of making a start has to do with the matter of making a contract.

So let's see what these hypotheses do to the oceans of memory while I try to recall what else I care about other than my own damn self.

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